Heated touch screen fights computer chill

Glacier Computer is out with a heated touch screen for its Everest line of rugged industrial computers.

The heated touch screen on the Everest keeps things legible regardless of temperature fluctuations.
Glacier Computer

If you work in icy storage warehouses or happen to do most of your computing in an igloo, you may want to know that Glacier Computer, a designer and distributor of rugged industrial computers, is out with a heated touch screen for its Everest line.

The warmth solves a challenge that arises when the computer is being transported back and forth between sub-zero environments and areas above freezing--in and out of a freezer, for example.

"This activity causes condensation and then a refreezing of that condensation, making the screen unusable by the operator," explains Dan Poisson, director of engineering for Glacier. "Development of a clear, touch-screen heater now allows for uninterrupted use as the operator travels between these locations."

The non-wimpy Everest is designed for use on forklifts, carts, pallet jacks, and yard jockeys. The computers come with a 10.4- or 12.1-inch color LCD, and have an Intel processor, integrated 802.11 wireless, and a solid-state hard drive that offers protection against shock, vibration, and temperature extremes commonly seen in warehouse, logistic, and manufacturing/shop floor environments.

Come to think of it, even those of us who don't work in harsh conditions might enjoy a slightly heated PC on those cold winter days--as long as the warmth's not coming from a burning battery.