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Headed to Comic-Con? Leave your drones, selfie sticks and e-cigs at home

The folks behind the 2015 Comic-Con International announce new rules for this year's show, and several popular items have been banned.

Sorry, Comic-Con attendees, but you can't bring drones, selfie sticks or e-cigs to the show this year. Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

If you've been counting down the days to Comic-Con International this year, it's time to start your packing list. But first, take a look at some new rules posted to the comic and entertainment convention's official blog that ban several popular items from the San Diego Convention Center.

While they may be popular, selfie sticks, GoPro poles or any device that "extends your camera or phone away from your hand" are not allowed at the show. Selfie sticks are not only banned from the exhibit hall and event rooms, they're also not allowed on Convention Center grounds or at official Comic-Con events held at other locations. Also banned are drones, helium balloons and other flying devices, meaning you're going to have to take your selfies the old-fashioned way.

Another new rule: Comic-Con attendees can't use live-streaming apps or platforms, such as Periscope or YouNow, during programs or events at the Convention Center and other venues. Google Glass, the search giant's controversial smart eyewear, is also banned from all of the program rooms. However, both live-streaming and Glass are permitted on the show floor in non-program areas.

If you need to get your nicotine fix, you'll have to do so outside -- all smoking products, including e-cigarettes and other vaping products, are outlawed at the show.

The new rules might be inconvenient to some, but they're a major win for all the Batmen, Time Lords and Jedi Knights out there who just want to have some fun without having to dodge selfie sticks and renegade drones. The rules presumably also help companies keep their secret stuff off the Internet for as long as humanly possible.

Comic-Con runs from July 9 - 12 at the San Diego Convention Center. You can learn all about the show, and see the full list of banned items, at the official Comic-Con site. CNET will, of course, be there to bring you all the goodness.