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HBO not streaming on Netflix anytime soon

Hopes that HBO content would soon stream on Netflix's Watch Instantly service appear to be dashed, as statements from HBO's co-president point to the company focusing on its own streaming service instead.

Netflix and HBO Go logos

If you were hoping to see HBO's content show up on Netflix's streaming service, things aren't looking too good for you.

In an interview with Bloomberg, HBO Co-President Eric Kessler went on the record as saying "there is a value in exclusivity," and that people would "pay a premium" for it.

That exclusivity comes in the form of HBO's own online streaming service called HBO Go, which the company launched in February.

Unlike Netflix and competitor Redbox, which are having to wait nearly a month to release some new films via their disc rental services, HBO has its own exclusivity rights that may get that same content out to Web viewers sooner. More importantly, though, it ties the online viewership of recently aired content to a cable subscription, as opposed to Netflix's all-you-can-eat Watch Instantly plans, which can be had a la carte.

Ultimately, Netflix subscribers are still able to get HBO's content--they just have to wait for it to be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Another tidbit from Bloomberg's report is that HBO Go will be available via a free app on Apple's iPad in six months. Currently, users who want to access the online version of the site either need to be Verizon FiOS customers or view the same content through Comcast's Fancast site.

Back in July, CNET reported that Netflix paid the studios $116 million for streaming content between January and the end of June, up from $31 million during the same period in 2009. A Netflix representative also told CNET that "over time, if we're successful, you'll see lower DVD expense and higher streaming expense." In the case of HBO though, it looks like that expense will continue to be for physical media only.