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HBO creating Silicon Valley show that's meant to be funny

After the unintentional comedy of Bravo TV's "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley," here's something that is actually meant to make you laugh. It's from the people who brought you "King of the Hill."

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What could possibly be funny about people like this? James Martin/CNET

As Manti T'eo and Lance Armstrong have discovered this week, you attain true credibility only when people make jokes about you.

Credibility -- true, natural recognition from the man in the tram -- is something Silicon Valley has craved for quite a few years.

Sadly, its first attempt -- Bravo TV's "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" -- delivered all the credibility of a rubber cowboy boot.

Here were vacuous people uttering vacuous thoughts in a vacuum.

It was not a hit. Indeed, Bravo says it currently has no plans to revive the corpse.

HBO, though, is undeterred by the interred. Indeed, it has ordered a pilot of a show currently named "Silicon Valley."

This, as Quartz reports, is a comedy that's meant to be a comedy.

Quartz has even managed to get hold of a script which, given that it has been created by people behind "King of the Hill" and "Office Space," offers hope for those who like a guffaw.

The pilot seems to involve six programmers who code and co-habit "Friends"-style in East Palo Alto. Yes, the dangerous part of Palo Alto.

Each is working on something to make them rich. Perhaps the most painful of these ideas is an app that "gives you the location of a woman with erect nipples."

The speculation is that the show may have more of the spirit of "Entourage," which brilliantly walked the line between honesty and mockery.

It may still come to pass that Silicon Valley becomes, at least in some way, sexy.

If this show can't do it, what can?