'Hawaii Chair' takes exercise sitting down

Hula aerobics in a chair? We have our doubts.

Mike Yamamoto Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Mike Yamamoto is an executive editor for CNET News.com.
Mike Yamamoto
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Appearances notwithstanding, we take our health seriously here at Crave and try to highlight as many fitness-related technologies as possible, ranging from the Wii Fit to robotic drill sergeants. We've even passed along some weird exercise machines for the more adventurous out there.

But this was the first time we'd ever heard of anything like the "Hawaii Chair." Although it's tempting--the name alone is stress-reducing--we're not quite sold on its aerobic effectiveness: All you're supposed to do is sit down and let the $350 chair swivel your hips in a circular, hula-style motion--like your very own Don Ho moment.

As much as we're drawn to the idea of dropping pounds while watching reruns of Hawaii Five-0, we have to agree with Shiny Shiny on this one: "I could hula my butt, waist and thighs to honed perfection by sitting on a revolving seat (mounted on a 2800 rpm motor), or I could eat sensibly, walk lots and not care." Does this mean no more chocolate macadamia nuts?