Have a seat on this giant dSLR lens

Tired of standing in your retro darkroom all day? Take a break and park your personal bipod on a wooden stool that looks just like a reflex lens.

Sorry. Matching attire not included.

If you are the company you keep, perhaps it could also be said that you are the furniture you sit on. At least when it comes to this stool that looks like a giant dSLR lens.

The handmade chair, by Spanish design studio Monoculo, would give just about any space that touch of geeky je ne sais quoi, though given its attention to detail, I'm guessing it's most likely to seat a serious photophile. It includes focal length and aperture and even has an autofocus/manual focus switch on the side.

Made from Ayous wood, the fisheye-lens stool measures about 1.7 feet high by 1.3 feet wide and has a comfy red top that can be removed to access a storage space inside. It's currently selling on Monoculo's Etsy shop for $777.90 (not including shipping).

Now, if you really want the world to know you're a serious shooter, might I suggest hanging a giant Nikon lens lamp overhead while cooling yourself with a handheld fan shaped like a Canon telephoto?


(Via Design Taxi)