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Be a food zombie with the CraveCast crew, it's slimming!

The latest CraveCast is all you can eat and drink, at least until all those beers and fried chicken keyboards turn you into a zombie that can only think about eating BRAAAAINS! NOM NOM!

Yes, please. Melissa W. and Margaret R.

In the latest CraveCast, we dig in to the weird side of digging in. It's the food and beverage beer edition of the show.

Watch below and check out Crave's Kelsey Adams, Bonnie Burton, Stephen Beacham, Michael Franco, Eric Mack, and Jeff Sparkman discussing the fictional town that beer built, which happens to be the same place where Vanilla Ice serves up vanilla ice cream (that part is not fictional), and we'll talk about the threat of our food turning us to zombies and more. If you can't make it, your loss, but we'll try to text you a taco to make up for it.

Tweet your questions or comments @crave anytime.

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CraveCast #6 -- Food zombies

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