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Haunt your home with a life-size Slimer from 'Ghostbusters'

Bring home one of pop culture's most iconic poltergeists with a "life-size" foam Slimer replica.

NECA Slimer
This Slimer is huggable.

Good news! The life-size (or should that be "death-size?") foam Slimer replica from toymaker NECA doesn't actually spit out green goo. That's a feature we can all do without.

What it will do is sit there and make your home look just a little bit more like "Ghostbusters" headquarters.

Slimer was one of the breakout phantasms from the original "Ghostbusters" movie in 1984. A trailer for the upcoming female-led reboot, due out in July, revealed that Slimer will appear in the new film. Whether it's a brief cameo or a larger role is not yet known.

NECA's Slimer looks to be a faithful reproduction, right down to the ghost's green fat rolls, wide-open mouth and waggling tongue. It's made from foam with a hand-painted latex skin.

This Slimer has a pedigree. It was created using the original molds from the 1984 movie. It comes in at 3 feet (nearly a meter) tall.

If you buy Slimer, then you might want to carefully consider where you put him. This is not the sort of thing you want to see when you wake up in the middle of the night and wander sleepy-eyed into the bathroom.

Capturing this denizen of the dark won't come cheap. Retailer BigBadToyStore shows a preorder price of $600 (about £420. AU$795). Estimated arrival for the figure is August of this year, which means you'll have time to see the new movie before welcoming your very own Slimer into your humble abode.