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Hate the office kettle? Get your own in a mug

The Kug is a kettle-mug that boils its own water. With its own heating element in the mug's base, it's designed to save you seconds in the morning, as well as help arthritis sufferers.

I love new products that make life easier for lazy people, or at least save time. The Kug is a kettle-mug that boils its own water, saving you critical minutes when you're late to work in the morning. It's clearly the most groundbreaking revolution in lazy-drinking technology since the Self-Stirring Mug.

Created by two industrial design students from Ireland's National College of Art and Design, the Kug was actually intended to help arthritis sufferers who have trouble handling heavy kettles.

It has a heating element in the plug-in base that can boil water in 90 seconds. Then you detach the mug and take your coffee or tea to go. While docked in the heating element, the Kug can be rotated to adjust the desired water temperature, as seen in the video below.

The product consists of two cups--an inner one (removable and washable) that holds the liquid, and an outer one that contains the heating filament.

The students, Alan Harrison and Ben Millett, also envision the Kug being plugged into a car dashboard and, at the office, into a USB port to reheat the water.

While it's still in the prototype stage, the product has already received the Arthritis Ireland Easy to Use Design Award. It's meant to encourage universal design products that make life easier for arthritics and elderly people.

Harrison and Millett are in talks to mass-produce the Kug and would like to have it in stores later this year. Being extremely lazy, I hope they'll evolve the Kug so that it can not only make drinks but also pour them down my throat.

Kug Ad from Ben Millett on Vimeo.