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Forging the Sword of Gryffindor from Harry Potter

Watch a team of blacksmiths recreate the magical sword from Harry Potter in a new "Man at Arms" video.

The Sword of Gryffindor was one of the most important tools that Harry Potter and his allies needed to destroy the horcruxes, the objects Voldemort used to hide his soul fragments and thus remain invincible.

The enchanted, goblin-made sword is both intricate in its design and impressive as a weapon.

In the latest video from "Man at Arms: Reforged," Matt Stagmer and Kerry Stagmer of Baltimore Knife & Sword and their team of blacksmiths construct a lookalike of the Sword of Gryffindor.

The video, posted Monday, shows the process from start to finish, revealing the tools and materials used to complete the weapon. One of the most interesting moments is seeing how the ornate carvings of a unicorn, lightning bolt, griffin and wizard are recreated. The end result is a sword any wizard would be proud to own.

In past episodes, "Man at Arms" built Fury's Song sword from Call of Duty: Black Ops III, a Hanzo katana sword from "Kill Bill," a Legend of Zelda shield, Loki's staff, Predator's blade gauntlet, an Assassin's Creed hidden arm blade, Arya Stark's sword Needle from "Game of Thrones," and even a set of Final Fantasy kitchen knives.