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'Harry Potter' fans get engaged with custom Quidditch proposal

A Golden Snitch becomes the ring-bearer for a magically geeky proposal with "Harry Potter" flair.

Quidditch set
This Quidditch set set the stage for a proposal.
Anthony Albano

Geeks sure know how to propose to each other. They've done so by planting a field full of tulips, creating an elaborate Lego video, and writing a physics paper. So, how does a "Harry Potter" fan go about proposing to her girlfriend? With a custom-made Quidditch set.

Rachel Allison first met Jaquie Richards in college. Their friendship blossomed into love. As their affection for each other grew, so did a mutual passion for the "Harry Potter" series. When Allison decided it was time to propose, she knew a magic touch was called for.

Allison used CustomMade to find artists to create both a detailed Quidditch set and an engagement ring. CustomMade is sort of like a cross between Etsy and It connects customers with artisans who can make their desired projects come true.

The Quidditch set came in a detailed box with Bludgers, a Quaffle, a Beater's Bat, and the Golden Snitch inside. The engagement ring was then hidden inside the Golden Snitch.

The idea worked like a charm spell. Allison popped the question in Potter style and Richards said yes. There was no battle scene required, Voldemort didn't show up, and everyone survived the epic adventure, which is more than can be said for the actual "Harry Potter" series.

You can pick up a custom Quidditch set of your own from artist Anthony Albano for between $800 and $1,200. I just wouldn't recommend using it for a proposal... it's already been done. However, I don't think anyone has proposed while flying on the back of a Hippogriff yet.

Rachel Allison and Jaquie Richards
The happy geeky couple. Rachel Allison/ Jaquie Richards