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Harman's auto audio gem

The Drive+Play 2 is one handy car-audio bridge. It lets you connect an iPod, Zune, and other mobile devices to your car stereo with minimal setup.

Harman Kardon unleashed its nifty Drive+Play 2 for gadget-loving drivers everywhere. With an impressively simple setup (you can hook it up in a couple minutes sans tools), you can have a single interface for everything from your iPod or Zune to your phone or satellite radio. The 3.5-inch color display is easily mountable on your dash with screws or adhesive, and a 2.4GHz wireless control knob lets you navigate the very iPod-like skinnable menu system for "distraction-free browsing."

The system is powered by a cigarette-lighter module that doubles as an FM transmitter, line output, and charging hub. If you don't want to use the FM transmitter, you can just wire the Drive+Play 2 directly to your car stereo. There's also a Harman Net expansion port for adding more stuff, such as a Bluetooth hands-free system.

The software interface is pretty cool too: it automatically creates music channels based on what's on your music player, so you don't have to browse too much while trying to rack up points for running down pedestrians. It drops this spring for $399.95.