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Hangout live with the world on G+

The HTC Droid Incredible gets an LTE face-lift, Yahoo faces drama over its CEO, and Google+ makes it easy to broadcast a Hangout video chat live.

In today's show, it's time to Hangout with the world, seek out new smartphones and take a ride on the Yahoo drama train:

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Your Google+ Hangout video chat sessions can now broadcast live to the world. Google made it easy to share the live stream of a Hangout on your Google+ page, or embed it on another Web site. You can see how many people are watching, and once the live show is done it can be uploaded to YouTube.

Google has been working with some television shows to broadcast their Hangouts live. If you want to check it out, Gayle King from CBS This Morning will be doing a live Hangout early Tuesday. And Conan O'Brien will also be doing a live Hangout late Tuesday.

The drama continues over at Yahoo. Last week, shareholders demanded the firing of CEO Scott Thompson over accusations that he lied about earning a computer science degree. The hedge fund Third Point is pushing for a public investigation and is demanding to see documents relating to Thompson and the vetting process for when he was hired.

AT&T will be selling more products for home security. It's sold security cameras before, but this is a larger push to offer several different connected devices, including various sensors and thermostats. All these devices would be hooked into the home's broadband network and controlled from the owner's smartphone or tablet.

Reuters reports LG could be launching another television with Google TV later this month. The last Google TV from LG, the G2, received a mixed review from CNET.

There's a bug in some Nokia Lumia 900 Windows phones that gives the screen a purple tint when the brightness is turned down. Nokia says it will be fixed in the next software update. Nokia is betting big on the Lumia's success, so it really can't afford any more glitches.

The CTIA Wireless conference is going on this week, and the new phone announcements are starting to roll in. Verizon announced that the HTC Droid Incredible with 4G LTE will hit stores in the coming weeks. HTC is showcasing the One V, saying it will arrive sometime this summer. And AT&T showed off the Samsung Focus 2, a $50 windows phone that will tap into AT&T's 4G LTE network.

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