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Hands-on with the snappy Gizmon iCA iPhone case

The Gizmon iCA case makes your iPhone look like a vintage camera. Crave Asia goes hands on with the awesome-looking case.

Snap! The Gizmon iCA makes your iPhone look like a vintage camera.
Shawn Low/CNET Asia

YOKOHAMA, Japan--We've previously reported on the Gizmon iCA, an iPhone case that makes your smartphone look like a vintage rangefinder. The company was at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show, and we learned it has plans to launch a whole system of special-effect lenses and accessories for its flagship case soon.

New filters and accessories are coming for the Gizmon iCA. Shawn Low/CNET Asia

In addition to the fisheye and macro lenses already available, future attachments will include tele, wide, tunnel effector, mirage, and circular polarizing special-effects filters. Sure, some of these effects could be easily reproduced using apps, but doing it the old-fashioned way and getting it right the first time without post-processing has a certain appeal. Other accessories include a car stand, mounted flash unit, mini tripod, remote shutter release, and silencer.

Admittedly, we're fans of vintage film cameras and therefore found the iCA case to be pretty interesting during our brief hands-on with it. The prospect of "pimping" our smartphones is irresistible, especially with a range of optional attachments and accessories. We also really liked the shutter button found on the case, which depresses the "+" volume button to capture a shot.

The case is available now for $65. Shawn Low/CNET Asia

A Gizmon representative said the company will also be launching a limited-edition "black paint" version of the case sometime next month in Japan, but it'll probably a few months more before it hits the rest of the world.

If you can't wait and need one now before Valentine's Day, the plain vanilla version is available for $65 from Gizmon's site.

(Source: Crave Asia)