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Hands-on with the Samsung YP-P2

What's particularly surprising about this model is its maximum capacity--8GB.

Crave UK

While Samsung hasn't been overly vocal about its next line of digital audio players, we didn't consider ourselves unrealistic in expecting a superb follow-up to the excellent YP-T9 MP3 player, which scored a smokin' 8.3 in our exhaustive tests.

Our daydreaming apparently was not in vain. The South Korean-based company has pelvic-thrusted the YP-P2 into existence, with a lovely touchscreen, video playback and Bluetooth.

What's particularly surprising about this model is its maximum capacity--8GB. This is interesting because Samsung hasn't followed in the footsteps of Creative's capacity-increased Zen V Plus, which was the first flash music player to break the 8GB barrier. Creative's new model's capacious innards now stand at just over half the size of the smallest hard-drive-based video iPod. Samsung following suit would have been good news for people who like the space of iPods but the speed and performance of flash memory.

Still, we had our hands on a YP-P2 last week and loved the super-crisp 16:9-format screen, easy menus, support for high-quality Windows Media videos and its alleged 35-hour battery life.

The P2 comes in black, white and red, and will be on sale in September. Pricing information has not yet been released but we'll pass it on as soon as we have it. We'll also have a full review for you very, very soon.

(Source: Crave UK)