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Handbrake releases 0.91: Perfecting perfection again

Handbrake gets an upgrade.


Handbrake just released an update to its exceptional DVD ripping tool. Now at 0.91, the new version offers significant performance enhancements, quashes several bugs, improves the UI (on the Mac more than Windows), and offers a wide range of other upgrades.

Handbrake is increasingly an application that I refuse to live without. I'm headed to Argentina this week, and have been madly ripping several new DVD purchases to my hard drive (saves battery life, more convenient): Daniel Deronda, Our Mutual Friend, A Night at the Museum (for my kids), etc. All have been happily turned into compact MP4s on my hard drive through the grace of Handbrake.

Get the program now. It really is one of the best things on this planet. And it's 100% open source. And free. (It now works on the Mac, its permanent home, as well as Windows and Linux.)

Note: The main servers have been crushed with downloads, so try getting it from a third-party mirror service if you have trouble. I got mine from MacUpdate.