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HanDBase app goes finger-based on iPhone

DDH Software launches HanDBase smartphone database app for iPhone.

DDH Software has modified its HanDBase app to fit the iPhone, and it's currently available in the Apple App Store for $9.99.

HanDBase is a known application for other smartphone platforms that lets users create and edit databases on their mobile devices. DDH Software's major mods for the iPhone include finger-friendly navigation that enables users to easily move between fields and records by swiping left or right on the screen.

Also unique to this version is the ability to e-mail records and the integration of the HanDBase Gallery, an online repository of more than 2,000 database designs that can be installed right from the device.

Nonetheless, due to technical reasons, according to the company, the iPhone version of HanDBase, dubbed HanDbase Database Manager, is still a stripped-down iteration of the full-featured desktop version of the database. However, for those who use the desktop versions for both Windows and Mac, all mobile versions come with a feature called "Desktop Connect" that enables users to access databases wirelessly through any browser.

This feature lets users load and save HanDBase files to and from their desktops, import and export CSV files, and even transfer HanDBase files and sync between wirelessly connected iPhone users.

The iPhone app supports standard database features, including custom views, filters, sorting, and advanced and quick searches. It also comes with a strong level of security and employs encryption down to a single field.