Han Solo blaster flask prototype smuggles your booze

A concept for a blaster flask makes sure you always know who shot first, so long as that shot involves your favorite adult beverage.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Blaster flask
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Blaster flask

The perfect Han Solo cosplay companion.

If Industries

Han Solo knew a thing or two about galactic smuggling. That's why it makes perfect sense for his trusty sidearm to double as a secret flask. A company called If Industries, creator of just such a prototype flask, calls it the "First Shot" DL4.4oz Blaster Flask, named after Solo's DL-44 blaster model.

The fake gun's silver muzzle is removable and acts as a 1.5-ounce shot glass to hold whatever precious liquid you've stashed inside the body.

If If Industries rings a geek bell, it's because the company is the creative mind behind the popular arcade belt buckle on Etsy. It's a light-up coin-return buckle that revels in the early days of video game arcades.

If Industries first shared the flask idea earlier this week and received such positive feedback that it's now "working hard to find a way to bring it from concept to your holster," according to a Facebook post Wednesday.

It's definitely the sort of prop that cosplayers would love to have for those long days wandering around sci-fi convention floors. It could also tide you over between stops at the Mos Eisley cantina.

There are some good reasons why you can't run out and buy this flask right now. If Industries acknowledges it doesn't "want Disney to put out a bounty on our heads." The business won't manufacture any Star Wars-related merch without a proper license.

While you can get an officially licensed Star Trek flask and Star Trek beer, the Star Wars franchise has steered away from most booze-related products. There are some official Star Wars pint glasses and beer steins in existence, so the idea of a flask for adult fans might not be completely far-fetched. Still, we'll just have to think of the Han Solo flask-er as a piece of fan art for now.

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