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Hammerhead bike navigator simplifies adventurous rides

Bike routes could be navigated with just a quick glance at LEDs if the Hammerhead bike navigator pulls in enough crowdfunding cash.

The Hammerhead lights up bicycle routes.
Hammerhead Navigation

Nothing puts a speed bump in a thrilling bike ride quite like stopping to consult a map on your smartphone. Sure, you can mount your GPS to your handlebars, but that's a lot of information to take in when you're rocketing down the street and trying to stay safe from cars. The Hammerhead bike navigator ditches all the extraneous information and simplifies your two-wheeled travels.

The $75 Hammerhead is a hammerhead-shaped device that fits on your handlebars. It works with an iOS app that sends directional information to the gadget. As you follow a route, it indicates with bright LEDs where and when to turn, and when you've reached your destination. It works for both urban environments and off-road trails.

Hammerhead is currently trying to raise $145,000 through new hardware-focused crowdfunding platform Dragon Innovation. The creators are hoping to create a massive database of crowdsourced biking routes for users to follow and share with each other. Bikers could even virtually race each other to see who has the best time over a particular course.

The gadget doubles as a headlight and has a 20-hour battery life. An iPhone running the Hammerhead app is expected to get about five hours of battery life, allowing for some decent road time between charges.

It should be interesting to see how many bicyclists are looking to invest in a navigation device made especially for them.

The Hammerhead mounted up. Hammerhead Navigation