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Halo fan transforms Cortana into a Hologram

Microsoft's personal assistant, which is named after the AI sidekick in Halo, receives a holographic body.

Jarem Archer/untitled network

Here's something you haven't seen from Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. Holograms!

One Halo fan has taken Microsoft's Cortana to the next level by constructing a concept appliance that turns the digital assistant into a hologram. Cortana borrows her name from the AI sidekick in the Microsoft-owned video game saga Halo.

Using the 3D Unity app, a platform developing games and VR experiences, creator Jarem Archer of "untitled network" built the hologram from a series of animations recorded from dual Kinects of his wife. He then constructed a working concept appliance that serves as a personal assistant and is capable of responding to queries.

"While still a work in progress," Archer says in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, "I just wanted to show how it's coming along."


Jarem Archer captures motion images of his wife to create hologram in Unity 3D app.

Jarem Archer/untitled network

His concept appliance is powered by Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system in a custom enclosure. It includes a portable USB monitor that reflects on three panes of mirror glass and a built-in-Arduino (to control platform lights). Archer uses an omnidirectional microphone that mounts on top of the build to pick up your voice and a mini speaker to broadcast Cortana's responses.

With new advancements to artificial intelligence, this strangely reminds us of the deranged red queen from Resident Evil. Who knows what form Alexa and Google will take next when holograms give us a visual of these bodiless voices.


Build setup inclusive of custom enclosure.

Jarem Archer/untitled network