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Halo ActionClix and other nerd games

WizKids has two interesting new board/miniature games on the way.

Prototype Master Chief Halo Actionclix model. Don't worry, we got permission.

If the Halo video games, action figures, and dubious body armor aren't enough Master Chief goodness for you, then you'll be happy to know that the alien-fighting supersoldier is getting his own collectible miniatures game. WizKids, makers of the HeroClix and HorrorClix miniatures games, is creating a new "-Clix" game based on Halo. Halo ActionClix will feature dozens of tiny, plastic Master Chiefs and Spartan soldiers, each equipped with tiny, plastic weapons, and able to pilot not-quite-as-tiny plastic vehicles.

Like the other -Clix games, Halo ActionClix is a tactical tabletop game where players can collect tiny figures from starter and booster packs. The games' names come from the clicking wheel in every figure's base. The wheel displays that figure's abilities and statistics, and it changes by "clicking" the wheel when they heal or take damage. It's a handy system that does away with countless rules books and databases for character stats.

Halo ActionClix won't be ready until this fall, so you'll have to wait a while before raising your tiny army of Master Chiefs. Considering that Halo 3 is also scheduled to launch later this year, perhaps we'll see a Collector's Edition of the system-selling game that comes with its own unique Halo ActionClix figure. WizKids could not comment on this prospect, but it wouldn't be surprising; the Collector's Edition of City of Villains came with its own set of HeroClix.

Star Wars constructible card game prototypes.

That's not the only collectible goodness coming from WizKids later this year. The company is also releasing a Star Wars "constructible card game." It's a tabletop strategy game like Halo ActionClix, only instead of tiny plastic figures, it uses perforated plastic cards that are punched out and assembled into TIE Fighters, X-Wings, and other Star Wars ships. It's similar to WizKids' Pirates constructible card game, only it's set in space and there's less pillaging. I can't get enough Star Wars (of the original trilogy, at least), so until LucasArts finally announces a new TIE Fighter game, this will have to tide me over.