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Hair's to you! A geometric haircut for math geeks

British geometric artist Nick Sayers tackles his own head as a canvas. His noggin sports a series of rhombuses shaved into his hair for a cut that proudly proclaims a love of math.

Nick Sayers geometric haircut
Welcome to the rhombus room.
Nick Sayers

I'm growing my hair out, but I may have to reconsider my decision after seeing what British artist Nick Sayers has been up to.

Sayers is known for his geometric-art explorations. He decided to wear his passion on his head with a complex pattern of rhombuses shaved into his hair. The geometric cut was featured in Make's Math Monday column.

Carving four-sided shapes all over your head is deceptively complex. The human head is a challenging canvas with plenty of curves to throw off a geometric pattern.

Sayers' hair cutter was faced with changing up the joints where the shapes meet to accommodate his noggin. Sometimes there are five-way joints, sometimes six or seven.

We may not see mathematical haircuts showing up in the pages of GQ Magazine, but it's always heartening to see someone letting his geek flag fly. Get down with your bad self, math nerd!

A back view of Nick Sayers' geometric haircut.
Let me check my calculations... Nick Sayers