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Hail to the app! The App Store turns 5 in Podcast 347

The App Store is 5 years old, so we app-laud the best apps around -- plus the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the week's technology news.

The App Store is 5 years old, so we app-laud the best apps around -- plus there's the Nokia Lumia 1020, BT's head-spinning new 300Mbps broadband speeds, Vodafone's latest price hikes and a first look a GTA 5.

The Apple App Store app-ened its doors this week in 2008, and since then has been followed by the Android app marketplace Google Play and many others -- the app has become perhaps the defining feature of today's technology, from phones and tablets to computers and televisions.

And we turn to you to find out your pick of the best apps. What's best: WhatsApp or Angry Birds? Evernote or Tiny Wings?

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