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Twenty-pound gummy turkey is loaded with 25,625 calories

What's brown, shaped like a turkey and able to bounce off a table? You guessed it. Maybe marshmallow-laden sweet potatoes aren't that bad after all.

The US is known for cooking up some questionable dishes for its annual Thanksgiving holiday meal, such as can-shaped cranberry sauce and perfectly good sweet potatoes adulterated with marshmallows. Weird-stuff retailer Vat19 decided to top all that madness by creating a monster 20-pound (9-kilogram) gummy turkey. It unveiled the unhealthy masterpiece in a video on Saturday.

Vat19 sells a variety of massive gummy candies, including a giant bear and a huge worm, but none of them come close to the sheer heft of the one-off turkey. The turkey is made out of the same gummy substance as a normal gummy bear, just on a super-sized scale. It also comes in an unappetizing shade of brown. Jamie Salvatori, owner of Vat19, says the turkey is cola-flavored. Because why not.

The most stomach-turning statistic is the turkey's 25,625 calories. The faux bird stood as a centerpiece to a completely sweets-focused version of Thanksgiving dinner that included a 3,055-calorie green jelly-bean casserole, a 2,959-calorie cereal-marshmallow casserole and edible gravy bubbles.

If you're sitting at the table this Thanksgiving and trying not gag over grandma's jiggly tomato-shrimp aspic, then remember it could be worse. It could be a 20-pound gummy turkey.

Update, November 21 at 2:55 p.m. PT: Adds the flavor of the gummy turkey.