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Guitar Rig 3: Kontrol Edition

CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell offers up his review and image gallery of the Kontrol Edition of the Guitar Rig 3 virtual guitar amp package from Native Instruments.

Photo of Guitar Rig 3: Kontrol Edition
Warning: actual guitar talent required. Click to view our Guitar Rig 3: Kontrol Edition photo gallery. Native Instruments

Ready to toss off the training wheels of Guitar Hero and learn to play an actual guitar? Maybe you already know how to play guitar, but your wife hates it when you turn on your crappy old practice amp and treat the neighbors to your rendition of Slayer's Raining Blood. My comrade in rock, welcome to Guitar Rig 3: Kontrol Edition.

Photo of Guitar Rig 3 software.
Citrus? If you get the joke, Guitar Rig was made just for you. Native Instruments

Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Guitar Rig 3 turns your computer into the guitar amplifier of your dreams, and the Kontrol Edition comes bundled with a sweet foot controller that doubles as a USB audio card. We've got our full review, video First Look, and photo gallery poised and ready to show you the best thing to happen to guitar nerds since the distortion pedal.