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Guitar mod brings 'Rock Band' controller to life

Kit being auctioned on eBay add real strings.


True guitar heroes are a tough bunch to please. Not satisfied with the biggest names in the business making their own branded controllers, these aficionados need something even more realistic to live out their Van Halen fantasies.

That's why an entrepreneurial inventor has gone to eBay with a mod kit that will replace the Rock Band controller's plastic strum bar with real guitar strings. The Fender Stratocaster Modification "includes everything you need to swap out the plastic bar with a playable string, special strum switch, along with several metal strings, springs and even a Fender guitar pick," Technabob says. There were no bids as of this writing, but the auction goes on until Sunday.

Given the massive popularity of the whole guitar craze, something like this was probably inevitable. Even for the established guitar makers, life has been imitating art for some time.