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Guinness World Records videos: I can has world's biggest cheezburger?

This is a site for people who spend too much time trying to break records or who spend too much time watching wacky videos online.

Caroline McCarthy Former Staff writer, CNET News
Caroline McCarthy, a CNET News staff writer, is a downtown Manhattanite happily addicted to social-media tools and restaurant blogs. Her pre-CNET resume includes interning at an IT security firm and brewing cappuccinos.
Caroline McCarthy
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Calling all people who really, really, really want to go down in the history books, but don't have the advantage of being Sir Richard Branson: Guinness World Records has added a social network to its site, so that you can share all your wackiest exploits.

I thought we had something like that already. It's called YouTube.

Members of the Guinness World Records community, which was created using technology from the New York-based KickApps, can share audio, video, photos, and other dubious evidence of their strange talents. Right now, some of the most-viewed videos include "continuous reading marathons," the world's largest homemade bacon cheeseburger, and some kind of "elastic guy" who can do weird things with his limbs.

Biggest problem with the site? No Digg buttons. Think about it.

I'm skeptical as to just how successful an online community for avowed record breakers could be, especially given the inevitable concerns that it'll become a hotbed for Jackass-style competition. (Somebody might get hurt!) Not to mention the fact that social-networking fatigue has certainly set in for many, and signing up for yet another account just might not appeal to those outside the alpha-geek crowd who will join any cool new service. But the London-based Guinness World Records has said that the company will actually be trawling the social network for evidence of new records, so that could provide some incentive among that sector of the population that's actually willing to spend time on continuous reading marathons.

By the way, I really dug the bacon cheeseburger video--which is, of course, not available on Icanhascheezburger.com. Here it is: