Guinea pigs look imposing with custom steampunk dragon wings

Tremble in fear, all ye who gaze upon this guinea pig with brass-accented steampunk leather wings and armor.

Pulguinha models the steampunk wings and armor.SkyPirate Creations

The world of "Game of Thrones" would be a whole lot cuddlier if Daenerys' dragons were replaced with winged guinea pigs. If that sounds like a bit of fan fiction you would like to turn into a YouTube film, then you better hurry up and order some custom steampunk guinea pig wings from Etsy shop SkyPirate Creations.

Silvia Ferreira is the maker behind the wings. She specializes in items like steampunk-style leather harnesses, utility belts, and cuffs. She made an incredibly detailed armored harness with wings for her guinea pig Pulguinha. It features brass rivet and gear details and what appears to be a repurposed fan component from a computer on the top. The fan probably helps provide more lift, seeing as guinea pigs aren't typically known for their flying abilities.

Pulguinha's personal armor-and-wings costume isn't for sale, but Ferreira is taking orders for custom sets through Etsy for $75.60, about £45 or AU$81 (the shop ships worldwide). Customers will need to provide the measurements of their pig's body length and belly to ensure a good fit. It probably also helps to have a very patient pig willing to do some cosplay for your amusement.

If you don't have a guinea pig, you may still be in luck. Ferreira offers quotes for building wings for other pets, so your iguana, cat, or rat could join the ranks of air-worthy steampunk warriors. Perhaps it's time for a "Wizard of Oz" remake with flying steampunk monkeys, though I would totally settle for a short film featuring Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Guinea Pigs.

Fear me!SkyPirate Creations

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