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Guess which geek word won official entry into Collins' dictionary

The Collins English Dictionary held a hotly contested vote for a geeky new-fangled word that would earn a spot in the book. We have a winner.

It's an adorkable dog with an iPad. Amanda Kooser/CNET

Congratulations, "adorkable"! You have earned a promotion. No longer will you be relegated to online forum discussions about the show "Community" and the darkest reaches of the comment section on Cute Overload. You can now step out into the light as an officially recognized word worthy of inclusion in the Collins English Dictionary, bringing with you a definition of "socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way."

Yes, Collins, a dictionary that's even still published using real paper, has accepted you into the fold. But you didn't get there without help. Now that you're moving up in the world, don't forget your friends, the people who Twitter-voted you into the top spot of Collins' online competition. Collins says you're a "more than worthy addition to any dictionary." Be proud.

If it weren't for the ardent support of your many fans, you would not have beaten out other top contenders like "felfie," which means farmer-selfie, and "fatberg," which describes the icebergs of grease and detritus that clog up pipes. Still, your victory was convincing. You came out with 30 percent of the vote, beating out felfie's 22 percent. I'm sure camera-toting farmers everywhere are mourning today.

Even if the fads and whims of the online world someday pass you by, "adorkable," you will always have this moment of triumph to savor. You will be able to tell all the other words about it as you sit on your rocking chair in the Home for Obsolete Internet Slang. "Duckface" may always harbor a secret hate for you since you beat it so soundly in the dictionary voting, but don't let that get you down. You will always and forever be absolutely adorkable to me.