Rejoice, 'Guardians' fans: That one awful scene isn't in the film

Good news for people with ears. Drax's horrifically loud soup-slurping didn't make it into the sequel.

It's all good news these days for "Guardians of the Galaxy" fans. The new trailer for the sequel came out on Tuesday night. And on Wednesday, director James Gunn delivered even an even better tidbit: that horrible scene of Drax slurping soup like it was his job isn't really in the new movie.

If you don't know what we're talking about, on Monday, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" released a teaser trailer hinting at Tuesday's longer one, because that's apparently how we hype major movies these days.

The teaser shows Drax the Destroyer tucking into a nice delicate bowl of soup, all while issuing sounds one might make while chewing an entire quarry full of gravel. Slurping, chomping, savoring -- Emily Post would not approve, and neither do the other Guardians, who roll their eyes as if they're going bowling with them.

Thankfully to all people with misophonia (hatred of certain sounds), or really just with ears, Gunn promises the slurping scene isn't in the film, saying he hesitated even to use it for the teaser.

Gunn's been tweeting up a storm since the trailer release, also answering questions as to why it took three trailers to reveal Kurt Russell's character, Ego, saying, "We're just trying to give away as little as possible before you guys see the movie." And he says Ego's appearance isn't a spoiler.

But maybe my favorite question Gunn answered was about Baby Groot's choice of snacks. To a fan who wondered if the character was downing Skittles or M&Ms, Gunn said neither was the case.

"Guardians" PR people, here's your opportunity: Re-label some sweet treat as "Space Candy" and get it in theater concession stands for the film's looming release (April 28 in the UK and May 5 internationally). Just don't let Drax get his hands on any.

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