GTA V: That rape scene? No, that's just cannibalism

Rockstar Games would like gamers to know that Grand Theft Auto V isn't depicting a disgusting evil act. Well, not the one of which it's accused.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
He seems like a nice man. Rockstar Games

There was, not surprisingly, palpable and understandable excitement greeting the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V.

This is a game that everyone seems to believe lives up to all the pulsations associated with taking a ride on the wild side.

Some, though, wondered whether this latest version of the franchise might be taking a walk on the vile side.

PlayStation Universe encountered a scene in which a fully-clothed woman is on her knees. A man is pointing a gun at her, while another is bottomless and appears to be about to assault her.

It may well be that, to some gamers, this is just another relentless step forward in gaming's search for the thoughtful satisfaction of entertainment.

However, on seeing PSU's description, Rockstar Games contacted the Web site to say that it was not, no, never, a rape scene.

The mere thought that this game, fit for (not) all the family, would feature such a disgusting act is unconscionable.

Indeed, according to PSU, Rockstar explained that PSU's original article about the scene was mistaken. The action actually "is meant to depict and imply cannibalism, not rape."

I am not sure how, if the scene is as PSU describes, one might be clear that it was cannibalism, rather than rape.

But I am sure this must be a relief for so many.

The men in this scene had absolutely no intention of violating this woman.

They may, however, have been in the mood to physically assault her and eat her, piece by bloody piece.

Happy gaming, everyone.