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Groupon charges $1,000 to name your baby for you

Baby on the way? Don't want to deal with naming it? In an odd marketing stunt, Groupon is inviting you to hand your money over and let them name the kid "Clembough."

Groupon baby name deal
You could just name the kid "Groupon."
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Father's Day is coming up on Sunday. What's the ultimate gift for a dad who has a little one on the way? Relieve him of the burden of the baby name selection process, provided mom is willing to go along.

The mechanism for achieving this comes from the unlikely source of Groupon. The self-proclaimed "World's Foremost Authority in Baby Naming" will name your baby Clembough. Yep, Clembough. Boy or girl, it doesn't matter. Clembough is what you're getting.

Even better, this deal costs $1,000. Groupon isn't paying you for naming rights, you are paying it for the name Clembough. Let's savor that for a moment. It doesn't really roll off the tongue. It could be pronounced Clem-baw or Clem-bow. Maybe it's a combination of Clem Burke (drummer for Blondie) and "bough," the word for a tree limb.

When it comes to marketing stunts, this is a mighty weird one thanks to its specificity and high price tag. According to the Groupon site, six buyers had already gotten onboard the Clembough train at the time of this writing.

The deal is still on for another day. There is some fine print saying Groupon will refund the purchase price if you fail to contact the company for the baby name by December 10.

Perhaps 13 years from now, there will a rash of Clemboughs signing up for Facebook. In the meantime, I recommend naming your next pound puppy or kitty "Clembough."