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Group to liberate iPhone from AT&T

Group claims it can unbind the iPhone from a specific carrier to "expand the functionality" of the device.

Less than a week after the iPhone was released, a group of dedicated individuals announced in a wiki this morning they have successfully unlocked the phone, potentially allowing the use of carriers other than AT&T.

The site and its various mirrors also plan to issue an Internet tool to "expand the functionality" of the device, perhaps later today. The site, which describes itself as "a place for people who want to make iPhone even more awesome than it is already out of the box," reminds those who want to try any these tasks that opening the iPhone effectively voids the warranty. It is the same site that earlier this week announced its members had cracked the root password to the iPhone OS, although it is unclear if that specific hack is even necessary.

The tool the site hopes to release, iPhoneInterface, promises to run any application residing on the phone, control any process running on the phone, move files around, enable the viewing of verbose information during the restore operation, and activate the phone without iTunes or a token. The first release of iPhoneInterface may not do all of the above. Earlier this week, DVD Jon announced his own method to activate Wi-Fi and iPod features without subscribing to AT&T.