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Gross-out 'Ghostbusters' burger menu features marshmallows, ectoplasm

A cafe menu full of "Ghostbusters" tribute food lets you bite into a frightening black-bunned burger and follow it up with a bleeding marshmallow sandwich.

Ghostbusters burger
What you gonna eat? Ghostbusters burger.
J.S. Burgers Cafe

Japanese fast-food chain J.S. Burgers Cafe sure knows how to turn a regular hamburger into a creep-fest. All you need is a "Ghostbusters" theme and a willingness to experiment with weird food colors and combinations. The restaurant's new movie tie-in menu comes stocked with everything from marshmallows to anchovy paste.

The G.B. Burger involves the use of an eye-catching black bun. We've seen this bizarre bread before, notably with Burger King Japan's limited-edition buns made with bamboo charcoal. The G.B. is impressive for its size and the inclusion of black olive and anchovy paste along with some mysterious white substance oozing out.

A kiwi smoothie will help you wash down that phantasm of a burger. Green is an important color in the "Ghostbusters" universe. It's the color of ghostly star Slimer and the hue of much of the spewed ectoplasm seen on screen.


It's a ghostly dessert burger.

J.S. Burgers Cafe

The black-bunned sandwich looks unnatural enough, but J.S. Burgers wasn't content to leave it at that. The cafe also created a dessert burger with marshmallows, chocolate cookies and a red glob of something dripping off the top that makes it look like it's been stabbed.

The bizarre food options will be available between July 1 and September 30 at the restaurant's multiple locations in Japan, according to If you're not in Japan, then you may just have to settle for picking up the nostalgic reissue of Hi-C Ecto Cooler to celebrate the new film.

With the "Ghostbusters" reboot set to hit screens in July, we're seeing a serious uptick in film-related merchandise. You might want to pick up this life-size Slimer to take as your date to get a G.B. Burger at J.S. Burgers.

(Via Maxim)