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Great Google quarter--and a new quote feature

While most people's attention was turned to the search giant's robust quarterly results, we've also spotted a quotable addition to Google News.

Google announced a great quarter today, with net income jumping 31 percent to $1.31 billion for the first quarter, and I was equally impressed by a new feature on Google News that extracts quotes from news stories.

It comes in handy if you are looking for quotes from individuals and the sources, and you can slice and dice the quotes by relevance, date and time. However, it is a bit inconsistent right now. The two screens below shows how "words that matter" works:

Google News shows a quote at the top of the page (above), with a link that goes to a full page of news quotes (below).

I did another Google News search on "Eric Schmidt" and I got this screen, sans the quote feature:

Searching on George Bush, the quote feature worked as expected:

Searching Google News for Bill Clinton didn't yield any quotes, but a search for Yankees captain Derek Jeter did. It appears that the news quote feature needs a little more work, or that Google News has deemed its CEO as unquotable. It must be the former...