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Grandma relieved that her new iPhone is made of chocolate

Not everyone wanted a new iPhone for Xmas. One landline-loving Grandma was worried that she'd have to learn how to use one. Until...

She fears they've bought her an iPhone. Who needs one of those? Jordan Graham/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some people are never grateful.

Why, one Utah mom decided to cancel Christmas for her kids because she said that her kids were deeply ungrateful beings.

Which makes the video of this granny so uplifting.

Opening her gift on Christmas morning, she was struck by a painful fear. Her kids had gone and bought her an iPhone.

But she doesn't need an iPhone. She doesn't want an iPhone. She doesn't want to learn how to use an iPhone. Everybody uses them, she says, and she knows nothing about them.

She's happy to know nothing about them. She's happy with her landline. Yes, I said landline.

Still, those who have bought her the phone -- presumably her grandkids -- explain that Apple does a really good job of making an iPhone.

Then she is instructed: "Now put it in your mouth."

After a brief moment in which she considers whether her grandson is a pervert, a madman or a magical combination of both, she realizes her phone is made of chocolate.

"Oh, thank God," she says.

I wonder how many people this year were relieved not to get an iPhone and how many were raging that they didn't.

(Via Daily Dot)