GPS wrist unit for bodybuilders

It looks like it would be good for curls.


Purists who don't go for such combo gadgets as GPS mice might want to go in the opposite direction with an old-fashioned device that concentrates on just one function. Yes, they do still exist.

And where GPS is concerned, perhaps something like the Mainnav MW-705 is in order, as it's a dedicated receiver built into the form of a watch. Unfortunately, as OhGizmo notes, the unit is so clunky that it would be hard to make it through a doorway without turning sideways.

The Bluetooth GPS watch can work with other devices, such as smart phones and laptops, so there are alternative uses. But if you do keep it on your wrist, we don't advise wearing one of Discovery's wrist cams on the other arm or you may not be able to move the upper half of your body. On the other hand, figuratively speaking, at least you could use the unit to find the nearest chiropractor.