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Goth Box brings darkness to your doorstep

Help this Kickstarter campaign add a little Wednesday Addams to your life with this monthly personalized box full of creepy, weird, Gothy goodies.

Shiny skulls, macabre make-up, creepy toys and more in Goth Box. Gabrielle Raghoobar

Monthly surprise boxes are all the craze. There is a subscription box for every whim and niche from geeky Narwhal Bacon Box to Loot Crate.

So why should geeks have all the fun when Goths deserve a mystery box delivered to their spooky homes too? Goth Box monthly box service is here to the rescue, offering a smorgasbord of dark delights.

"Goths are people too!" Goth Box creator Gabrielle Raghoobar told Crave. "They like the same things that everyone else likes and then some... in cooler styles and darker packaging."

As a card-carrying Goth myself, I remember spending most of October stockpiling rubber bats, plastic skeleton toys, black glitter nail polish, glow-in-the-dark skulls, spider rings, and more creepy odds and ends. Back in my day, there was no Hot Topic or other Death Rocker purveyors. We had black RIT dye and our creativity to make our dark fashion statements become a reality.

Thankfully, it's a lot easier thanks to the Internet and stores like Etsy catering to every flavor of Goth from Steampunk to wannabe vampires. That's where Goth Box comes into play.

The Goth Box has different variations to appeal to all kinds of Goths. "That's Pretty Goth Of You Box" for the traditional Goth who wishes everyday was Halloween. "Crafty Minx Box" is for the Goth Martha Stewart types out there.

"Steampunk Sammie Box" is tailored toward the Steampunk who daydreams about a futuristic steam-powered world. "Heathen Box" is best suited for the Goth who is open to the mystical side of life. "Macabre Box" is for the Goth who digs horror and things that go bump in the night.

"There is also consideration of Vegan views, allergies and dietary restrictions," Raghoobar said. "The item list is ever growing and contains such categories as jewelry, toiletries, novelty items, toys, hair accessories, trinkets, knick-knacks, candy, kitchen wares, make-up, clothing accessories, books, artwork, gourmet edibles, housewares, home decor, hand-crafted items, spiritual and mystical items, small do-it-yourself projects, aromatic items and other miscellaneous good times."

Some of Raghoobar's favorite Goth Box items include "hand-fashioned graphic pendant and sterling silver necklaces, organic bubbling cauldron bath bombs, tricked out coffin keepsake boxes and some creeptastic candies."

Subscriptions to Goth Box include one month, three months, six months, nine months or for a full year. Subscribers can ask for different subculture boxes month to month or a variety can be requested upon ordering a multi-month block.

Goth Box can also be ordered as a gift and they will cater the contents to special occasions like a birthday, holiday, graduation, get well, congrats, cheer up or as a love token.

The Kickstarter campaign will help with the initial overhead of necessary stock and supplies to get the Goth Box business up and running. This will also help address the added challenge of receiving an abundance of orders at once.

Backers have already pledged nearly $3,865 toward the effort, well over the $2,500 Kickstarter campaign goal.

However, there are 19 days left for folks who simply want to grab one of the cool backer incentives such as a single month of Goth Box, Steampunk Sammie Box, Heathen Box, Macabre Box, and Crafty Minx Box. Other perks include Goth Box incentives to be shipped to Canada, the United Kingdom and Norway.