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Google's Wonder Woman could save Yahoo

Google DNA is injected into Yahoo with surprise CEO Marissa Mayer, LivingSocial follows Groupon's footsteps, and LOLCats meet Sundance.

Tuesday's biggest tech story has a superstar trading teams, and I'm not talking Jeremy Lin:

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Are you dusting off that Yahoo email account? Freshening up your Flickr page? Yahoo got a dose of Google cool factor with its new CEO, 37-year-old Marissa Mayer. She was a top executive at Google and Google's first female employee. She oversaw pretty much every Google service that's a common part of your life, including maps and search. Expect Mayer to breathe new life into Yahoo's services. Perhaps she can even lure talented computer minds to join her new team.

But before Mayer swooped in, Yahoo's big news for today was about the site hosting Tom Hanks' gritty sci-fi animated series, Electric City. Yahoo has put a focus around this type of original content to differentiate itself. It first announced the series at CES 2012.

The daily-deals site LivingSocial is following Groupon's footsteps and is selling merchandise. In addition to the usual discounts for spa visits, dancing lessons and weekend getaways, users can buy individual products at a discount.

Barnes & Noble launched Nook for Web, a way to read e-books from a desktop browser. Amazon already has offered the ability to read from your browser for awhile now.

The latest version of Firefox improves privacy and security. You can make sure no one can spy on your Google searches, even over public networks.

If you're a fan of oversized phones, mini tablets, or should I say phablets, then you'll be interested to hear that T-Mobile will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Note, a smartphone with a 5.3-inch screen.

In Cute-Things-on-the-Internet news, a cat video film festival in Minneapolis will highlight the most critically-acclaimed kitties on the Web.

Looking for a way to escape this summer's record-high heat? Take a (mental) trip to the South Pole with new Google Street View images of the Antarctic. It's to help kids learn about South Pole explorations, but we're just counting all the wittle penguins.

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