Google's Veterans Day doodle: Conservative, patriotic

Last year, Google was accused of a lack of patriotism in a doodle. However, for Veterans Day, it offers a simple, large depiction of a Veterans Day parade.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Never has the phrase on Google's home page "I'm feeling lucky" seemed more appropriate.

On Veterans Day, everyone should feel lucky that there are people prepared to risk their lives, while many of those whom they're defending (and most of those who send them into battle) do not share the same level of courage.

For November 11, Google is presenting a simple, conservative, and patriotic doodle.

The Google logo is enlarged, and a Veterans Day parade is depicted.

When you click on the logo, it brings you to search results for Veterans Day.

Last year, Google was accused of showing some radical underskirts for July 4, when it doodled Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is My Land."

However, this year for July 4, the company presented something entirely soothing. (When in doubt, feature animals.)

Google has consistently celebrated Veterans Day with a doodle. (I have embedded a montage of 2007-2012.)

The things that veterans have experienced -- and current armed forces continue to experience -- make our everyday lives seem very lucky indeed.