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Google's Santa tracker follows St. Nick around the world

Oddly, the search giant and NORAD don't put Santa in the same place at the same time.

You can get Santa ready for a selfie.
Screenshot by CNET

COVID-19 has interrupted holiday journeys for many of you this year, but Santa's annual global flight continues without delay.

Google's Santa tracker site, which includes an elaborate real-time flight path for the sleigh-riding gift giver, is live as Christmas Day dawns around the world. The always-responsible St. Nick sports a mask to prevent the spread of COVID, though its unclear whether Rudolf and the other reindeer are similarly attired. 

The tracker, which is similar to the North American Aerospace Defense Command's long-running Santa project, includes a continually updated tally of the number of gifts St. Nick has delivered. The total was recently more than 3.6 billion as Santa departed Antarctica. (For reasons unexplained, Google and NORAD don't agree on where Santa is or how many packages have been delivered.)

Google's site includes a Santa selfie studio, an elf snowball fight and other Christmas-themed features. And, just like you leave cookies out for Santa, Google's site leaves cookies on your computer.