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Google's 'Parisian Love' sparks crime fiction spoofs

The Google ad that aired during the Super Bowl has inspired love, admiration, shock, tittering, tears. And now, YouTube parodies. Here are two of the cleaner ones.

All across America, people blew their noses over their nachos during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.

Google's foray into broadcast brand communication, "Parisian Love," a moving story of international angst and amour, moved some, perhaps, to consider finding meaning overseas.

It also moved some to consider that perhaps this extremely cheap-to-make movie should enjoy a little gentle mimicry and mockery. Actually, in some cases, the mockery wasn't all that gentle.

Some of it was even created before the Google ad, which originally ran on YouTube in November, entered football territory.

However, here are two that are, more or less, cubicle-suitable. I should warn you that both owe an artistic debt to America's long love affair with crime fiction. Neither enjoys a particularly huggy ending.

Perhaps you will now be moved to create a Google story video of your own. Perhaps it will be one in which you feel uncontrollable levels of buzz whenever you hear the word "Google." Perhaps your opus will be all about googling your new love's past only to discover that she used to be a he.

Or perhaps it will be a love story between two potentates, one from California, one from China, who have a spat and then, through fate, diplomacy, and subtle searching, come to see that they are not so dissimilar, after all.