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Google's new doodle eclipses everything

To celebrate the lunar eclipse, Google creates a new doodle on its home page that gives you a live feed of the moon as it goes dark.

I am beginning to think that Google should put its doodlers in charge of the whole company.

It seems as if they have an instinct for inspiring real, normal people that has sometimes seemed lacking in some of the titular higher-ups.

So today, as we await the full effects of a lunar eclipse that will provide us with some welcome pause for thought, Google has created a doodle on its home page that shows the progress of the moon as it becomes darkened because the earth is blocking the path of the sun's rays.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Just as with the marvelous Les Paul effort last week, this doodle not only shows you the moon's movement, but allows you to move a dial as far backwards and forwards as you like in order to observe whichever minute detail takes your fancy.

The live feed of the eclipse is provided by the Space Camera at Slooh, whose home page is adorned with a lovely reminder that "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" begins June 29. Now that's what I call an ad.

The Slooh home page. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Google has leaped onto Twitter and its own blog, so that you can experience the full pleasure of the proceedings.

Indeed, as I write, it's already started. But as it is not visible in the US--the best views are, well, just about everywhere else (specifically, Western Australia, Eastern Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East)--how much fun can you have from now until it's over? Surely more than in any planning meeting.

For myself, I will be keeping Google's YouTube Channel firmly open, so that I can watch in real time.