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Google's Mother's Day doodle celebrates moms of all species

Technically Incorrect: For Mother's Day (In the US) Google's doodler thought the day should be about animals as well as humans.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Being a mom doesn't ever involve swanning around. Google screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You have one job today.

It's to ensure that your mom is not one of the 40 percent who say they've endured a miserable Mother's Day. (That was according to a survey, of course.)

Google can only help you in this quest by finding you last-minute gifts that might be appropriate -- and to direct you to mom's house, should you have forgotten where she lives.

However, to put you into the spirit, it's offering a doodle that celebrates every mom on earth.

This includes animal moms that offer shelter beneath their wings for their offspring, as well as those who pick their kids up between their teeth because that seems easiest.

Google's doodler Olivia Huynh explained on the company blog that she thought it was time moms "of all shapes, sizes and species" were celebrated.

So she created a simple, constantly changing doodle which, to her, symbolizes "the universality of familial love."

All the action happens in the second "o" of "Google." The scenes change, but the emotional intentions are all the same: moms put up with us every day, whether they really want to or not.

Personally, I was a touch disappointed to see no recognition of alien life. To have at least one scene from familial life on the Planet Plim would have been a nice touch.

Still, for all in the US, Australia and other countries that celebrate Mother's Day, may your moms finally get some rest and a little appreciation.

Should you fail in securing that for them, I believe Google should create a doodle of shame.