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Google's July 4th doodle celebrates dogs, not controversy

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Google's doodlers let you travel with some animated dogs across America's fine land.

He's so happy.
Google screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

July Fourth is the day we celebrate being a true American.

Some will choose to barbecue animals and watch fireworks. Others will hack into their neighbors' wi-fi, just to see who they've been e-mailing lately.

However you choose to spend the Fourth, you have to take one little look at Google's Independence Day doodle.

This is now something of a tradition -- the second most doodled day after Thanksgiving.

Last year, Google flirted with controversy in featuring Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is My Land," together with a cry for Internet freedom.

Perhaps the doodlers received a smack on the wrist, for this year they have devolved to the fail-safe of all Hollywood producers. Yes, dogs.

Click on this interactive wonder and you can see various scenes of a family of cartoon dogs taking a road trip across this fair land.

I am sure there is no subliminal suggestion here that America has gone to the dogs (despite the feelings of -- one imagines -- at least some of the people attending today's NSA protests).

I am equally sure that just because these dogs have luggage on the roof of their car, it's not some oblique tease toward the rumor that a famous politician's dog once had to journey on a car roof.

It's just a celebration of sheer niceness, as the family goes to Mount Rushmore, an ice cream parlor, New York, and even the leftist enclave of the Left Coast: San Francisco.

Of course, it all ends in fireworks, as every important day should.

May your Fourth of July end in fireworks too.