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Google's holiday Easter Egg frosts your screen

A search for "Let it Snow" delivers the pow-pow and more...

My best attempt at a frosty message on a white background.
Screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET

Google has hidden a special holiday "Easter Egg" that turns your screen into a winter wonderland.

Simply search for "let it snow" on Google and prepare yourself for an HTML5 blizzard--actually, it's more like a few flurries. The cool part comes after a few seconds, when your screen "frosts over" and your cursor can be used to trace messages or doodles like a finger against a window on a chilly day.

It might not quite have the wow factor of Google's famous "barrel roll" bonus, but it's bound to make your friends and family feel a quick burst of holiday cheer, while also giving more ammunition to the Scrooges in your clan. Some Bah Humbugs are sure to declare something along the lines of "Oh great, another way to waste time on the Internet!" or "So this is what those people at the Google do with their bajillions of dollars?"

Fair points uncle Carl, but you clearly need to have some more egg nog.

Check out the video below or try the search query yourself to see it in action.