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Google's Cmockery points to open-source bona fides

Company's open-source activity is perhaps more important in its small projects than in its large projects.

As open-source projects go, Google's new Cmockery project is about as sexy as a tractor. Google describes Cmockery as "a lightweight library to simplify and generalize the process of writing unit tests for C applications."

Cmockery is unlikely to set the world on fire, but does demonstrate Google's ongoing commitment to open source. It's nice to see big open-source projects like Gears at Google, but the small, lesser-known projects may actually provide clearer evidence of Google's intentions vis-a-vis open source than the big projects do.

Why? Because the small projects reflect the day-to-day mentality of Google. The Cmockery developers didn't release their code to earn a press release. They did it because they found the code useful and hoped others would, too. This is the best test of Google's open-source commitment: will the small projects thrive and outnumber the big projects? If so, open source is alive and well at the Googleplex.