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Google's blatant new doodly ad for Google+

Google suddenly offers an animated blue arrow on Google.com encouraging you to try its social network.

Somebody very special texted me this evening: "Go to Google.com."

Because I am dutiful, if sometimes obstinate, I did what I was told.

Was this a new low I beheld? Perhaps. A strange blue arrow animating through the top-left third toward the black bar. What could this mean? Well, it means that Google really, really wants me to try Google+, which as of today, is open to all.

As you can see from my little screenshot, Google wants me to try, well, me. Or a better me. The +me. The +me is someone who is more interesting, more forthright, and definitely more social than the usual me who sits at sushi bars and talks about human insanity.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The +me is someone who can interact with Sergey Brin and guess where his lovely dragon picture was taken.

The +me is someone who is prepared to offer up his deepest thoughts and even deeper friends to the social web that is Google. So that Google can make +money.

The +me is a me who desperately wants to give up Facebook, which will allegedly be launching a vast and radical redesign this week.

It is as if a Google doodle had suddenly become something more. Yes, a +doodle.

I think those Googlies mean business. +size business.