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Google unveils pure S4 but no Key Lime Pie in podcast 339

Google unveils a Samsung Galaxy S4 with pure Android, as well as a new music service and much more -- but why no Key Lime Pie?

There's nothing worse than expecting a pie, then learning there is no pie. That's what happened this week as Google unveiled a host of new stuff -- but there was no sign of Key Lime Pie. Instead, we got a Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android.

Join us as we discuss Google's new gaming hub, updated maps and Spotify-rivalling Play Music All Access service, and try and work out why Key Lime Pie didn't show.

Plus we take a look at the other announcements of the week, including the Nokia Lumia 925 and BlackBerry Q5.

And as Norwich geeks get into a sci-fi scrap, we pick a side in the eternal struggle: Doctor Who or Star Wars?

Then it's your turn as we call for your questions, comments and feedback. What do you think of the S4 with pure Android? Is it a worthy deal compared to the Nexus 4? Why are Android tablets so neglected? And how do I get rid of Windows 8?

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