Google to start accepting Summer of Code applications next week

Google's Summer of Code is approaching, and applications will have to be submitted fast.

Matt Asay Contributing Writer
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Matt Asay

Just as a reminder, Google is about to start accepting applications for its Summer of Code. Google will begin accepting applications from open-source mentoring organizations (i.e., open-source projects) on Monday, March 3, 2008, and will then stop accepting them on Wednesday, March 12th. Students can then start applying to participate in these projects on Monday, March 24 until Monday, March 31, 2008.

Not much time until the application process kicks off, but also not much time to submit an application.

Google's Summer of Code started with just 40 open-source projects in 2005 and jumped to 130 in 2007. It expects to accept 130 or more in 2008.

I was dubious the first year that Google ran its Summer of Code, but I've since become a believer. It's a great way to 1) create more open-source code but also 2) connect talented young programmers with excellent open-source projects and companies. Everyone wins...including Google.